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Chinese papercutting for grandpa

My grandpa loves red and yellow. For the Chinese, red is a lucky colour and yellow looks like gold.

He wears red or pink polo-shirts.

We eat Nasi Briyani (yellow rice) for his birthday every year.

So I thought I should get him something lucky, and something red, but also something meaningful.

The grandpa feeds me every time I go to his house. Apples, biscuits, milo… he keeps handing me food.

So I thought this papercutting of a bird feeding its young was entirely appropriate. I got it here.

I didn’t know where I should put it though, so I played around with several ideas.

In the end, I gave up. Luckily, when I went over to my grandparents’ place, my uncle had a decal which came in super handy. He helped me mount my papercutting onto the fridge.

😀 I think my uncle is super smart. But anyway…

Later, after singing the birthday song (after grandpa blew out the candles– he did so immediately after lighting them!!), we sat around for a while before heading to buy my grandpa a TV.

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