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Whimsybeams header project #1

I’ve been working on a design for my header today. I wanted it to reflect the kind of art I do– quilling and paper-cutting (though admittedly this is lacking in the picture because I didn’t find a need to have complicated cuts), and also to show the materials I usually use– brown paper and elephant poo paper.

This is what I came up with: a picture of me in the sky, carried by a helium balloon and holding a paintbrush…

I like my trees, made with polka-dot ribbon and brown paper. The polka-dots look like silver fruits 🙂

This is one of the related passages which sparked my imaginations as a child:

“Suddenly he (the Selfish Giant) rubbed his eyes in wonder and looked and looked. It certainly was a marvellous sight. In the farthest corner of the garden the tree had quite changed. Lovely white blossoms covered its golden branches and silver fruit hung down from every bough. And underneath the tree stood the little boy (representing Jesus) he had once loved.”

– The Selfish Giant


Oh, and I’m not holding my paintbrush just for show. It’s for writing the words “Whimsybeams” in the sky!


‘Love lifts us up’ V-day card

A close-up of quilled heart-shaped hot air balloon:

“As selfishness and complaint pervert and cloud the mind, so love with its joy clears and sharpens the vision” -Helen Keller

I’ve been quilling in between visits this Chinese New Year. Remember the quilled shapes I was playing around with? Halfway through, I thought that I could make a heart shape from two of the quilled shapes 😀

So I made a heart shape. But I didn’t want it to be JUST a heart shape stuck on a card. I like to have something going on in my cards. So I had a couple going up in a hot air heart-shaped balloon. As for clouds, I tore scraps of the elephant poo paper that I also used in my Baby Bundle from Heaven card. I like the soft wispy feel they have. Anyone crazy over furry stickers when you were young? The texture of these paper clouds beats furry stickers hands down.

This is not merely a great romantic date idea. The idea behind this is that love lifts us up from drudgery and meaninglessness. It brings you places you never think you would go and leads you to accomplish daily feats you never thought you could do. It gives a mother strength to balance household chores, taking care of the children and a job. It gives couples the will to stay together even when the going gets tough. Love is gravity-defying.

Card and envelope set:

Textured cream envelope (front):

Playful variations

“Play is the exultation of the possible.” Martin Buber

I made all these quilling shapes I was reluctant to stick together so I had some fun playing around with them.

Here is one balancing act:

This looks like it’ll make a good border if I make many of them:

This has some semblance to a star, until a button came along:

Rubber stamps too lend themselves to play. Inspired by tangrams, here’s what I made:


For more inspiration, look at what Joel, this cool dad who makes toys for his kids, has done!

This is his flower building toy:

And his slotted building discs:

Blue Dew quilled earrings

I’m a big fan of…

(Photo courtesy of Dominic Cooray)

Mrs. Dewdrop.

I love how she twinkles and shines, how she reflects light to make it seem as if there’s a little new world inside her, where little water molecules live and move and…breathe 🙂

I didn’t plan for it. But when I quilled my earrings, it looked alot like dewdrops to me.

Or perhaps when one likes something enough, she looks for it in everything she sees 🙂