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Chinese papercutting for grandpa

My grandpa loves red and yellow. For the Chinese, red is a lucky colour and yellow looks like gold.

He wears red or pink polo-shirts.

We eat Nasi Briyani (yellow rice) for his birthday every year.

So I thought I should get him something lucky, and something red, but also something meaningful.

The grandpa feeds me every time I go to his house. Apples, biscuits, milo… he keeps handing me food.

So I thought this papercutting of a bird feeding its young was entirely appropriate. I got it here.

I didn’t know where I should put it though, so I played around with several ideas.

In the end, I gave up. Luckily, when I went over to my grandparents’ place, my uncle had a decal which came in super handy. He helped me mount my papercutting onto the fridge.

😀 I think my uncle is super smart. But anyway…

Later, after singing the birthday song (after grandpa blew out the candles– he did so immediately after lighting them!!), we sat around for a while before heading to buy my grandpa a TV.

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Stef’s handmade birthday gifts

For Stef’s birthday, she requested:

(1) A secretary to handle all the little things in life that flies past me
(2) My room to miraculously pack and clean itself
(3) And handsome and loving boyfriend with a kind and gentle heart
(4) A driving license and driving competency

Given this ‘impossible to fulfill’ (at least by mere shopping) list, MOPY came up with

  1. an organiser
  2. boxes and papercuts to decorate the box (designs from courtesy of Jo)
  3. According to Fi, who else fits the bill better than…
    (photo courtesy of Eugene)
  4. a door hanger which says “Jesus never said that you gotta drive your way to heaven”. Door hangers can be used for other purposes, as Stef demonstrates.(photo courtesy of Eugene)
  5. All these gifts are accompanied by Stef’s birthday card. Since I made it, I will give some explanations in this post. First, when the birthday girl pulls out the card, she will see a picture of Jess presenting her birthday cake. I chose Jess to present the cake because she likes baking and we always cook at her house. When one thinks of cakes, one thinks of Jess.

Unfold it and this is what you get– all of us doing our own thing in a little happy town:

There’s APY at the gym, because he’s a fan of working out and taking small meals. There’s me doing art right in front of the gym. Right beside me is Jo’s favourite pig (McDull) who admires the potted flower. His tail unwinds enough for Jo to hold it. Inspector M is at his desk with a bowl of claypot. Eugene and Malala live in their future own house. Malala is surrounded by green-ness, her favourite colour. Eugene’s curly hair invites a bird to treat it as its nest. But it’s all fine because Malala likes birds and doesn’t mind. In front of the red door is Fi dressed to the nines and LOLing, beside Jess holding Stef’s cake.

Turn over and you’ll see all our messages to Stef. No photos of this  🙂

(Photo courtesy of Eugene Chan)