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My thin book

I never seem to be able to finish writing in any of my notebooks, yet I quite like the idea of filling up an entire notebook.

The ‘problem’ I think is that I am not a copious writer, or a very detail-oriented note-taker. In my General Paper class back in junior college, I was pretty good at summaries.

The solution, I figured, is to have a thin book.

A small book.

A book with only 8 pages and 16 sides.

In other words, a books I can fill up easily 🙂

I haven’t figured out what I want to use this book for. It could be my idea book. Or it could be my prayer book. Or it could be my quote book. Or I could write a story. Or I could write down my goals. Or I could draw…

🙂 I marvel at the endless possibilities for my thin book.