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Celebration of Life (over death!)

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There’s been so many posts on cool Easter crafts lately.

You can embroider an egg…

Brett Bara @Design*Sponge

Or a paper egg and use it as a tag

by Zoe of A Quick Study via Papernstitch

Turn your egg into a vase!


OK enough with the eggs! You can make bunny finger puppets…



All these look really fun to make, don’t they? And they do make Easter a fun celebration, especially for kids (or kiddy people like myself).  But let us take time to look beyond egg decorating and remember that Easter is the celebration of life over death!

If you think about it, nature does tell us there is life after death, maybe even that death is necessary for life. Little flower blossoms and leaf buds emerge fresh from the frost in spring, after the dead of winter. Seeds “die”, but emerge to become a green leafy sapling which goes onto even greater things. This life seems to be a stronger kind of life, for it’s the kind of life which has seen death and conquered.

But allow me to share what I, as a Christian, also believe– that Jesus our friend has conquered death! Jesus rising from the dead–ah, it adds all the exclamation marks to what nature tells us…and something more. For what I cannot glean from spring flowers, I can glean from Jesus’s rising from the dead. It is that for humans (and not only seeds and spring flowers!), death is not a dead-end, but something which leads us to a happier ending. For someone who fears death and thinks it’s the single most depressing thing to think about, this is reassuring and a cause for joy!

I end with a favourite quote of mine:

“Love is not measured by the joys and pleasures which it gives, but by the ability to draw joy out of sorrow, a resurrection out of a crucifixion, and life out of death” –Fulton J. Sheen

For those of us who don’t share the same beliefs, I really appreciate (even more) that you took the time to read this! 🙂 And whether you are Christian or not, whether your Easter involves egg-hunts or going to Church, do