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Creature Comforts (Ez)

The big plus for me on this site is the ability to navigate posts according to colour! Colour-lovers out there who differentiate shades as easily as they differentiate black and white will want to check this out.

How About Orange (Jessica)

As the name says it, Jessica’s post almost always have something orange-related.

Mayi Carles 

She has a spunky personality and aims to empower creative hearts. 

Oh, hello friend (Danni)

An inspirational design blog, Danni’s blog has interesting features and she updates regularly enough for me to find something interesting every time I visit.

Oh my! Handmade Goodness  

A small group of independent artisans, designers, and industry experts blog here. Has useful tips for Creatives selling their work as well as design resources.

Papernstitch (Brittni)

Brittni likes to make things. Her blog has a weekly tutorial round-up which I like. 

Singaporean Creatives 😉

Art, Doodles and the Stories behind them (Stef Tham)

A black pen and a sketchbook are all my friend has, but she whips up such amazing drawings. I like the simplicity and introspective nature of the drawings. 

Myriad Things (Jonathan Sim) 

My friend Jon loves philosophy and Chinese culture. While his comics do reflect that, the typical Singaporean will find something to pique his interest here.


Catholic Icing  (Lacy) 

Being kinda kiddy, I still like to check out the Catholic crafts over at Lacy’s page. Perfect for parents and catechists! As she describes it, Catholic Icing is the “wet, creamy spread of creative Catholic ideas for kids including (but not limited to) crafts, lesson plans, activities, songs, games, and coloring pages; The extra creamy topping to your solid foundation of Catholic Cake.”


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