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From the trip

Yes, the pinecones and flowers from my trip have been lying around wondering what to do for more than a month now, until they were called in to decorate a Sharyn Sowell cut-out in an IKEA frame. I love the see-through effects I can create with frames with 2 clear plastic panels.

If you think the dried flower is pretty, just have a look at its friend here growing on the railway track in my photo below. This flower enchanted me while I was taking a walk by myself in a quieter area of Salzburg. Doesn’t it look like a snowflake? The lighting at sunset lends it an even more transcendent, magical quality. This flower made my day 🙂

The pinecones I handpicked while walking to Murren from Lauterbrunnen (Switzerland).


The grandparents’ backyard

This is a painting I did while the grandpa was beside me swatting flies.  The grandparents are thinking of selling their house which is too big for the two of them and I’m sad about that because I practically spent most of my childhood weekends playing here and about the house. My cousins and I would climb up the stairs to perform a song, or have a picnic with no food under an umbrella.

This is the garden a year or so back.

Feeling at home in France

Paris is the last place I expect to like.

For one, it is a city. It is crowded. I was told to expect pickpockets. I don’t think there are mountains and lakes.

But I went and realised the seine is beautiful! And the french people, let’s just say I met some really nice ones.

But most importantly, what made my stay so comfortable and happy in Paris was the hospitality in the home we stayed in. While tucked comfortably underneath the covers on both nights I was there, I happily thought to myself how lucky I was. The house is beautiful– books everywhere (even in the toilet), tall bookshelves with ladders like how it is in Beauty and the Beast, a coffee table made from part of a tree the man of the house picked up, the father who draws and paints and sculpts, the daughter who does the same and has a cool bedside drawer painted with horses, a mother who makes awesome plum jam and sandwiches for us to bring out for lunch, raspberry yoghurt smoothie made by the 15 year old not-a-brat-at-all brother, a 10 year old who waits to have stories read to him every night…

I’m happy just thinking about all these things, I could have enough material to write and sing my own version of ‘My favourite things’. I’m so sorry to leave them, but well I’m going to make an awesome thank you card 😀

Hem your blessings with…

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As the wisdom of years has taught me, it would do me much good to give thanks than to be resentful. A resentful spirit kills whatever joy there is, makes me think that whatever I have I should have and even deserve more. A grateful heart adds a lightness to my step, takes the attention away from myself and on the goodness of the giver.

2 people may have the same things, but the person with a grateful heart has infinitely more, while the resentful one (which is sometimes, me!) kills whatever joy there is in the blessing so it literally, unravels for him/her.

I know it’s hard. So we have to do it consciously, one step at a time 🙂

P.S: I’m going on a trip for a month to Europe! I believe I will come back with a grateful heart for the simple conveniences like water, sofas…not that Europe doesn’t have them, but nothing beats home 🙂





Map Art

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I’m going to travel really soon and have been spending a good amount of time looking at maps, which can be rather boring and head-spinning.

So rather than look at all that, I thought why not look at them as an art. Obviously, I’m not the first person who thought of this, you can find so many ideas for map art here! For handcut maps, hop on over to Studiokmo and try to find your city.

From Studiokmo–part of Singapore, where I live 😀

singapore mapcut

Here’s Vancouver, where I did an exchange programme at. See Stanley park?

vancouver mapcut on white

And wouldn’t it be nice if you could wear something like this NYC Subway map dress so that you don’t have to carry a map along with you? You may get alot of stares though, from lost people.

21 Creative and Cool Subway Map Inspired Designs (21) 1












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I’m glad to see you drop by Whimsybeams!

I’m going to be taking a month’s break from blogging because April is going to be a busy bee month for me! Since I believe I’ll still be living and breathing art, you can still expect some sporadic updates, which will also be reflected on my Whimsybeams facebook page. Be sure to visit again in May– I’ll be updating very frequently then, because I’ll be freed from the iron cage of exams!! FOREVER!



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Opening my mail today, I saw some new posts on the ‘Quit your day job’ series. It was encouraging to hear of stories of people overcoming odds in their life to start their own business. It reminded me of a conversation I had yesterday.

I was walking over to some nice chairs to study on yesterday, over the hills and far away (literally, since NUS is on a hill) when I met my friend S, who was going to get some coffee to perk himself up. We talked about chairs first, like which chairs we liked and which we didn’t, because he was surprised I was going over the hills and far away when the chairs in the library were pretty good. Of course, I was begging to differ…

Anyway! I don’t know how, but the topic of conversation came to me selling art, because I was going to graduate and all. And he was saying that I should start small, get a booth in NUS first, then sell local, then sell global. That was all very encouraging to hear, given that most practical Singaporeans raise their eyebrows at such an impractical notion. But S is not a Singaporean 😉

Then came D, who was waiting for his high-class $5 coffee to be brought over. He was saying that the market is so saturated (many Singaporean ‘aunties’ or middle-aged women are selling jewelery that they made) and that it was hard to survive in such an industry because of competition resulting from the low barriers to entry.

What all these suggest to me is that it’s possible to go into this business, but it’s going to be difficult. I think I would have to go and get a real job first and save up some money to last me for at least a year. I will also need money for certain start-up costs like, at the back of my mind, some professional website design, a new camera or money to engage a professional photographer, a die-cut machine, design software…

And I have a feeling, that that is not the real obstacle at all. The real obstacle is the fear of jumping into the deep end of the pool, and hearing from those who wouldn’t jump in about just how deep it is.