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Map Art

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I’m going to travel really soon and have been spending a good amount of time looking at maps, which can be rather boring and head-spinning.

So rather than look at all that, I thought why not look at them as an art. Obviously, I’m not the first person who thought of this, you can find so many ideas for map art here! For handcut maps, hop on over to Studiokmo and try to find your city.

From Studiokmo–part of Singapore, where I live 😀

singapore mapcut

Here’s Vancouver, where I did an exchange programme at. See Stanley park?

vancouver mapcut on white

And wouldn’t it be nice if you could wear something like this NYC Subway map dress so that you don’t have to carry a map along with you? You may get alot of stares though, from lost people.

21 Creative and Cool Subway Map Inspired Designs (21) 1












Working towards a lovely workspace step 1: Get (inspired to get) organised

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I want a lovely workspace, because I think a lovely workspace will help me feel good, increase my productivity and be inspired!

However, I’m pretty untalented when it comes to tidying up my space, which is the first dreary step to take before I can decorate it. I’ve spent 2 days tidying up and it’s still far from perfect.

So, although I would MUCH RATHER browse websites which show how people decorate their space, I’ve been looking at organising solutions instead. This is far from boring though. People have found ways to get creative! Below are a few of my favourite ideas, some only practical, some both practical and creative:

People who bake, you’re in luck. Repurpose your baking tools if you aren’t too attached to them 😉 The following ideas are from

Cupcake carrier as knicknack organiser (alternative: icecube tray)

Cupcake carrier as knickknack organizer

Baking tray as magnetic board

People who don’t bake (me too!), don’t be too sad.

An adjustable desk organizer lets you sort mail by category (bills to pay, bills to file) (source:

Slott Upright desk organizer

Chalkboard Wall Calendar (source: Simple Shapes at Etsy)

Chalkboard Wall Calendar with Memo - Vinyl Wall Decal

Cord organiser (via

Another cord organiser (source:, via Sarah M at Pinterest)

Round up: Feast for the eyes

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Are you ready for a visual feast? 🙂 Here goes:

Magalarie (via papernstitch) has a simple charming style which I love. Her photography attests to the beauty of everyday life and objects.

Tip: Whip out your camera and capture the simple beauty around you! You don’t need a special occasion to take photos!

Parisian Cloud - Paris, France - 8 x 8 - Fine Art Photography print - Affordable home decor

Giant Ice Cream Sign - Paris, France - 8 x 10 - Fine Art Photography print - Affordable home decor

The first few hours of my afternoon today were spent visiting Sheye Rosemeyer’s newly revamped blog. I like how her photography captures the joy of children. Is that child going to chase the seagull? Look at the cheeky expression 😉

Madeline Bea recently captured many beautiful pictures of horses on her stay at the horse farm. I love the colours and the thoughtful expressions of the horses here, here and here.


Mother’s Day: Some ideas on what to make!

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picture: Mummy Shimizu and Her Little One (sold)

A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.  ~Tenneva Jordan

That sounds like my mum! Anyway! Mother’s day is just round the corner!

Oh my! handmade goodness will be having a whole MONTH of Celebrating Motherhood. Check out the blog for sharings by creatives of their experiences as being mothers as well as how their mums have influenced them.

How about a Mother’s day meal? Jordan Ferney has some cool printables— Mother’s day quotes, Thank you for..– that you can cut and stick into whatever food you have.

Cat from BrideBlu shares how you can make a plant marker for your mum on Oh, hello friend’s blog

MOM tattoo plant marker - finished!

Mufn has a free printable Mother’s day card, with a mini-tutorial on how to make a tissue flower to add that special touch

I haven’t figured yet what to make for my Mum yet though! I know she would appreciate a clean house though. What are you doing this Mother’s day?

Celebration of Life (over death!)

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There’s been so many posts on cool Easter crafts lately.

You can embroider an egg…

Brett Bara @Design*Sponge

Or a paper egg and use it as a tag

by Zoe of A Quick Study via Papernstitch

Turn your egg into a vase!


OK enough with the eggs! You can make bunny finger puppets…



All these look really fun to make, don’t they? And they do make Easter a fun celebration, especially for kids (or kiddy people like myself).  But let us take time to look beyond egg decorating and remember that Easter is the celebration of life over death!

If you think about it, nature does tell us there is life after death, maybe even that death is necessary for life. Little flower blossoms and leaf buds emerge fresh from the frost in spring, after the dead of winter. Seeds “die”, but emerge to become a green leafy sapling which goes onto even greater things. This life seems to be a stronger kind of life, for it’s the kind of life which has seen death and conquered.

But allow me to share what I, as a Christian, also believe– that Jesus our friend has conquered death! Jesus rising from the dead–ah, it adds all the exclamation marks to what nature tells us…and something more. For what I cannot glean from spring flowers, I can glean from Jesus’s rising from the dead. It is that for humans (and not only seeds and spring flowers!), death is not a dead-end, but something which leads us to a happier ending. For someone who fears death and thinks it’s the single most depressing thing to think about, this is reassuring and a cause for joy!

I end with a favourite quote of mine:

“Love is not measured by the joys and pleasures which it gives, but by the ability to draw joy out of sorrow, a resurrection out of a crucifixion, and life out of death” –Fulton J. Sheen

For those of us who don’t share the same beliefs, I really appreciate (even more) that you took the time to read this! 🙂 And whether you are Christian or not, whether your Easter involves egg-hunts or going to Church, do


Etsy finds: Catholic craft

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When I was a wee kid, I used to do alot of art in catechism class. Art and listening to stories, that’s what I can remember. We would colour pages, make models etc. What fun!

So I thought that I should find out what’s going on in the Etsy world when it comes to Catholic craft.

Generally, some have found ways to incorporate the classic Catholic art we have inherited into everyday items, while others have created rather novel rubber stamps of our popular images 🙂

These are some highlights for your enjoyment:

Saint THOMAS AQUINAS vintage portrait as TIE by FunckyTieTac

Vatican City 1 inch Button or Magnet trio by BuyTheLightOfTheMoon

Sacred heart / two colors / handcarved rubber by lilimandrill

Virgin Mary Guadalupe HandCarved Rubber Stamp by winemakerssister

Etsy finds: Papercuttings

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It’s always inspiring to see what others have been up to. Here’re a few papercuts that caught my attention today:

Hand cut leaf Card

by Essimar

Given that I love banners…

LOS NOVIOS (3-Pack) Custom Wedding Papel Picado Banners featured in Brides Magazines

by Yreina Flores Ortiz

and my weakness for chairs…

Paper Cutting Always Time To Quilt 11x14

by Victoria