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Contemplating nature

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Erin over at Dropped Stitches has the most lovely photos which remind me that the earth is really divine amidst the mundane, and I particularly like this one.


It speaks of bliss, a moment of joyful contemplation. A moment where one appreciates the beauty of nature without asking what practical benefits nature has for us. Instead, nature is loved as it is.

Nature draws us in, spell-binding in restorative way. It is to this aspect of nature that I believe C.S.Lewis alludes to when he says,

“You and I have need of the strongest spell that can be found to wake us from the evil enchantment of worldliness.” –The Weight of Glory

Do you feel the same about nature? What are some of your favourite blogs/websites which celebrate the beauty of nature? Share them here!




What can you do with a toilet paper roll?

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What do you do with your toilet paper roll? Throw it away?

Well, that’s what I do. Honestly, I feel bad when I do it because some of them are pretty sturdy…but I have no use for it, or so I think!

Guess what Anastasia Elias does with her toilet paper roll?

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Inspiration Monday: Eco-friendly Paper Play

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Using recycled cardboard, Paperpod creates big toys for children. The best thing I think, is that you can paint the cardboard or leave it plain.

The Paperpod

Craig Kirk

The humble matchbox wields almost endless possibilities under the hands of this guy. Here’s one of my favourites, a bird box. I like that the matchstick is used as a perch for the bird.