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What can you do with a toilet paper roll?

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What do you do with your toilet paper roll? Throw it away?

Well, that’s what I do. Honestly, I feel bad when I do it because some of them are pretty sturdy…but I have no use for it, or so I think!

Guess what Anastasia Elias does with her toilet paper roll?

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blog staples

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There is something therapeutic to visiting art/design blogs. For one, they are just so very pretty it’s a visual feast whenever I visit them 🙂

Here’re some of my staples:

When I’m craving colours, I go to Creature Comforts or Bright Bazaar.


When I am itching for a tutorial, I go to this pinterest board curated by Sarah M (note: you can find me at pinterest too!), DesignSponge or Papernstitch.

How about you? Do you have any staples? And how do you access them?  I access them all from my Google Reader because it provides the whole of the blog post (unless the blog author specified s/he wanted the content to be cut short). It’s also really easy when the reader is just a button away from my GMAIL account!


Colour your life

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In the previous post, I mentioned that we should not judge a book by its cover. Now let me turn that around and say, never judge a cover by its book.

Doesn’t make sense?

It just so happened that for this particular book, I saw what was written inside first. My seminar classmate, Xie Ai, was studiously jotting down notes in her book. On the other hand, I was trying to catch my professor’s words as they zoomed past and then vanished into thin air as if they had never been uttered. Also, I had been pretty late and missed a good part of the seminar…

So at the end of the class, I asked my friend if I could photocopy her notes. She said yes, then proceeded to close the book and hand it over to me.

My eyes widened when she did. Before me was a book with a most bright and lovely cover!

So ‘Never judge a cover by its book’ simply means you should not expect that if the book is boring and a a challenge to read, the cover will be as mundane too.


Isn’t this such a lovely idea? To think of a colour and snip pictures that have that colour and paste it on your…school notebook!

If you’re into colour palettes, do hop over to the Creature Comforts blog. Her posts pay quite a bit of attention to colour– she generates colour palettes from pictures, and her etsy finds usually have a uniform colour scheme. What is cool is that you can actually browse her posts by colour.

If you like what you see, you’ll be happy to note that you can generate your own colour palette from your uploaded pictures too here. It isn’t the most precise tool, for I had expected that yellow should have featured in the colour palette for Xie Ai’s notebook, but it is one of the colour palettes which generate results fast and has no limit on the image size.

Here are the examples of the colour palettes generated from Xie Ai’s notebook and a bookmark I made in January:


Odd’s School Notebooks

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Most of us are hidden artists, scribbling on our notes and diaries. It’s amazing what one can find in humble little school diaries. Take Odd for instance, though we all learnt that we should never judge books by their covers, her notebooks do look harmless enough:

So does she in her monochrome outfit:

But just look at what’s inside her notebooks…

“because I wanted shoes but had no money to buy them,” she says of this drawing.

Haha, imagine the money saved if I just drew everything I wanted to buy 😀


I hope you feel inspired to whip out your plain old notebook and show the world never to judge books by their covers today.

The Myriad Things

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My friend, Jon Sim, just created a blog of his comics. He describes them as “comics about campus life, philosophy and other random thoughts”. Some of them are pretty hilarious. If you are

  • Singaporean or
  • Chinese (or just interested to know more about Chinese culture)

I’m pretty sure you will enjoy his comics. I can say so because I’m a Singaporean Chinese.

Here’s an alternative interpretation to the popular Christmas song that I really like: