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Tutorial: Mini magnetic boards

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Limitations force us to think. For some time, I’ve been deciding between having a magnetic board in front of my desk, which would be great to stick up goals and weekly planners, as well as inspirational pictures, or…

a shelf, which would clear the clutter from my desk and allow me to put more things within reach.

The reason I had to decide…my wall space was too small.

I asked the dad for help. He sauntered into the room, tried to fit the big magnetic board here and there, and then suggested I do away with it because I had not space and well,  “all you need is a piece of metal.”

Despite my university education, it hadn’t occurred to me. With the light of this ‘revelation’ shining in the dark crevices of the brain, or so I imagine, I went around the house with a piece of magnet, putting it against any surface I thought would attract. It worked with spoons, forks, jam jar covers, milo tin covers…

My final choice, as you can tell, were the metal covers.

Here’s what I did:

1) Paint the 3 tin covers sky blue with clouds. I used 3 layers of acrylic paint, and left enough time to dry between each layer. Coat with 2 layers of varnish, leaving enough time to dry between the layers.

2) Paint the magnets sky blue. Leave aside to dry.

3) Find silhouettes of birds, adjust to size of magnet using the ruler in Microsoft word.

4) Handcut them out on a piece of paper painted with a darker shade of blue.

5) Apply a thin layer PVC glue onto the back of the bird silhouettes with a toothpick and adhere to magnet.

6) Coat magnet with varnish and leave to dry.

7) Stick a big blob of blue tack at the back of each tin cover and adhere to shelf.

Let me know if you try it 😉


Walk on water

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‎’walking on water” is an entirely sensible thing to do. It’s staying in the boat, hanging tightly to our own sad little securities, that’s rather mad.’

(George Weigel, in this article)

Yesterday, I wrote about remembering our big dreams and being dutiful to them. But it’s not easy, because fear sets in. To remind myself to not be afraid and take a leap of faith, I handcut the words, “Walk on Water”. As a Catholic, it reminds me to keep my eyes on Jesus and trust Him in every little thing as well.

This inspirational piece is now sitting prettily on my shelf, together with the repurposed clock and my grandma’s bird 🙂

The “Taste and See” Project

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You know what they say. You can’t just read the bible. You have to chew on it and take it in, make it part of you.


That inspired this project I did for my CHEWsday cell-group– one of a kind bookmarks with their favourite bible verses to make studying a bit more interesting and encouraging.

So what’s for breakfast this CHEWsday?

Some toasted bread:

With some fragrant tea:

What kind of tea? I can only say it’s a truly unique blend! And you can steep it in water over and over again and still have fragrant tea.

And since it’s a bookmark, you could steep it in your book and drink knowledge infused with the Word of God. It just so happens that I think “The House at Pooh Corner” is a really happy book to drink in. Pooh is just so adorable, and we could all learn from him. His logic, for one, is exceptional:

“Pooh looked at his two paws. He knew that one of them was right, and he knew that when you had decided which one of them was the right, then the other one was the left, but he never could remember how to begin.” (from Tigger is Unbounced)

OK, I shouldn’t be reading Pooh now. I was just flipping to tell you why Pooh is cool. It’s cool that rhymes.


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TIME interview snippet with Mother Teresa

Interviewer: You feel you have no special qualities?

Mother Teresa: I don’t think so. I don’t claim anything of the work. It is his work. I am like a little pencil in his hand. That is all. He does the thinking. He does the writing. The pencil has nothing to do with it. The pencil has only to be allowed to be used. In human terms, the success of our work should not have happened, no

Photo and pencil bookmark by yours truly, for Audrey’s sketchbook.

Confetti Envelopes

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For Joyce’s birthday card, I made a confetti envelope. Why? Birthdays are celebrations, and confetti adds celebratory notes to celebrations. Imagine confetti falling gracefully all around you as you behold the envelope, which will of course have some confetti on it.

Here’re a few pictures I took to share with you the process of creating this:

I used white glue to create little blobs, which I then placed little square pieces I cut from cardstock over. Funnily, I enjoyed putting the square pieces on the blobs. It reminds me so much of biology lab class back when I was in school, where we dropped clear square pieces at an angle onto the blob swimming with cells and then placed it under the microscope to be studied.

Then I cut a rectangular piece of kraft paper and proceeded to carve out her name. I didn’t intend it to be so, but I think it looks like a biscuit.

Stick it in…

And I’m done 😀


Eco-friendly tip:

Save your scraps of left over colored paper. You never know when they can come in as useful for creating some confetti 🙂


Cards for invited speakers

I’ve been doing up a few cards these evening. 2 of them are for invited speakers at the CSS Faith Formation talks.

I realise I enjoy designing cards for priests. For one, there’s all these little Christian details I like to add. I’ll scan the bible and print it on brown paper, and then find silhouette images to cut. I chose a deer for this one (adapted from here). Reminds me of the verse from a song, ‘as the deer longs for running streams, so I long, so I long, so I long for You’.

**OK, on second thoughts, I’m really not sure if this is a deer. But whatever it is, I’m pretty sure it longs for running streams 🙂

This second card is for Father Marin. I wanted to try this papercut card idea that popped into my head. As you can see, the normal envelopes won’t do with this kind of design because it’s quite hard to pull out. I was lost for a while after making this card because it didn’t fit any of the envelopes I had. I finally decided to custom-make an envelope that would make it easy to take out the card.

The one I made has a flap which can be folded down.

Here is my cross closing mechanism refined. All you have to do is to pull off the vertical piece.

A Priest’s card

I was asked to make a card for a priest who served as spiritual director and whowas leaving. I was told that I could design the card according to whatever I had in mind. Great! 😀

So I took out my handy dandy elephant poo paper. But since it was cream in colour, and the envelope was also cream in colour, I decided to use my vintage brown stamp pad to add some colour to the elephant poo paper.

I like how it turned out. The vintage brown really brings out the texture of the elephant poo paper 😀

Since he is Catholic, I decided to add some Catholic details, like a cross at the back of the envelope, and a cut-out dove.

If you look carefully, the cross also serves as a closing mechanism. The lower vertical part is supposed to be tucked underneath the upper vertical part. It doesn’t really work that well as I didn’t leave enough space on the upper vertical part to allow secure tucking in, but I will refine the design in future cards to come.

Overall, I am quite pleased with it. Here are more pictures, which you can click to see a larger one: