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Inspiration Monday: Just perfect for the teacher (or maybe just me :x)

I’ve started on a teaching job after graduating and going for my Europe trip, leaving crafting aside for a while. It has been on my mind though, but it’s not every day that I feel I can incorporate it into my life.

But today, I found some ideas that would be perfect for the classroom 😀

If the boys in my class fold paper airplanes, as they do with their worksheets (!!!), they can stay back to do this to recycle all that paper I have in the office. A much more fruitful use of their time. Of course they will have to complete the worksheet as well, if they had dared to fold the airplane with that.

Almost every day, I bring an apple to work. However, I don’t have anything to hold it in. This would be great…if I learn how to crochet, that is.


And as for all those unwanted books, maybe this 😡 Until I find an idea which doesn’t destroy them so much…for now I can’t bear to rip apart hardcover books which I know I will never read.



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  1. Nice and cool blog forever, cute and intelligence forever.


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