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Feeling at home in France

Paris is the last place I expect to like.

For one, it is a city. It is crowded. I was told to expect pickpockets. I don’t think there are mountains and lakes.

But I went and realised the seine is beautiful! And the french people, let’s just say I met some really nice ones.

But most importantly, what made my stay so comfortable and happy in Paris was the hospitality in the home we stayed in. While tucked comfortably underneath the covers on both nights I was there, I happily thought to myself how lucky I was. The house is beautiful– books everywhere (even in the toilet), tall bookshelves with ladders like how it is in Beauty and the Beast, a coffee table made from part of a tree the man of the house picked up, the father who draws and paints and sculpts, the daughter who does the same and has a cool bedside drawer painted with horses, a mother who makes awesome plum jam and sandwiches for us to bring out for lunch, raspberry yoghurt smoothie made by the 15 year old not-a-brat-at-all brother, a 10 year old who waits to have stories read to him every night…

I’m happy just thinking about all these things, I could have enough material to write and sing my own version of ‘My favourite things’. I’m so sorry to leave them, but well I’m going to make an awesome thank you card 😀


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