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Play with your food! Yes, play away…

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Hello! What have you been up to? I’ve been in the kitchen lately throwing food into my rice cooker and then going off to learn some Photoshop and plan my upcoming trip. I was just beginning to appreciate my rice cooker so much for its convenience…

until I saw these pictures, styled by Evelina Bratell and shot by Carl Kleiner and featured in the book ‘Homemade is Best’. I haven’t read the book but I agree with the title! Now I think I really have to consider the part about throwing everything in, which I have to admit is convenient and fun, but maybe I need abit more of the fun!

Don’t worry rice-cooker, my heart is big enough for liking this and liking you 😀


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  1. Love your ingredients as art! The top one is fantastic-would look awesome in a frame, hanging in the kitchen!

    • I didn’t do these. Haha, your kitchen must be very nice. I have nothing hanging in my kitchen, would be cool to do so, it looks very grey and brown right now 😀


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