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How to live a simple life

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I really like waking up early, and for me early is 8am. I like mornings because the day is fresh, the air is cool, and my mind is peaceful and undisturbed enough to absorb what’s ahead.  This morning was spent reading a chapter on Simplicity in Peter Kreeft’s book ‘Making Choices’. I really love the idea of being simple, and try to embrace simplicity in my crafting– using eco-friendly materials and repurposing items around the house for my craft projects instead of buying things…

But we can always take another step in embracing simplicity. He shares a few tips of simple living which I really like. In fact, I’m feeling so charged up right now and all revved up to live even more simply ;D

Here’re just two suggestions:

Master time. Many of us live as if time is our master. We’re always just too busy for important things. Even though we have so many modern gadgets to help us, we still do not feel as if we have more time to do what we want. Kreeft says there’re 2 sorts of time, the big bad monster time, Chronos, which passes by with the ticking of the clock and the movement of the sun, the kind of time we are “swept away in”

and Kairos, time with “a human face”, the kind of “time we make and take” to do things. The important ones.

To be simple, make time! Don’t let time pass by you mindlessly. Stop and smell some flowers. Take walks. Grow your own vegetables!

Yesterday, I made time for painting in the park with a friend, and I felt so refreshed after that I came home and made time for housework. Kairos: Chronos –> 1:0

What are you going to make time for? Off my mind, I’m going to make time to visit the grandparents, more painting in parks, cook my own meals and exercise 😀

Another tip I’m liking is to be silent, inside… so you can listen to your heart, ask some important questions like, ‘is this really what I want?’ It helps to switch off the TV, your ipod, the computer…

which I’m going to do in 5 minutes! Tata! 😉


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