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Grandma’s birds (part 2)

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First things first! Making this paper sculpture requires patience on your part. The comforting thing is that it does get easier as you go along 🙂 Next, there is no hard and fast rule as to the shape that the sculpture can take. As such, I don’t think it’s useful or practical to give tedious instructions as to how you should be piling the shapes on other shapes and how many shapes to pile on each side for the tail and the head.

*Did you catch Part 1 of this? If not, here’s the link. You need it to make the basic shape.

What you need

  • around 300 pieces of the basic shape (less if you want to make it smaller), at least 4 in a different colour to highlight the tail and the head
  • 2 googly eyes or two that you fashion out of black and white paper yourself
  • small orange paper for the beak
  • cardboard base cut into a circle/oval shape (mine is ~9cm x 7cm)
  • a reasonable amount of patience 😉
Before you begin, take note of the right angle of your basic triangle shape. You will need to take note of whether the right angle is facing inwards or outwards.
OK, you’re ready to learn the basic steps!
1st layer (main body)
Stick 8-9 basic shapes near the edges cardboard base, with the right angle facing outwards.
(If you did the basic shape right, there should be 2 flaps for each basic shape.)
2nd layer (main body)
For the next layer and all subsequent layers, insert the basic shapes such that the right angle of the triangle is facing inwards. 

You will want to insert the basic shape (2nd layer) such that each basic shape in the 1st layer can fit 2 basic shapes.

Subsequent layers (main body)

This should be easier. Look at your basic shape and notice that there are 2 little compartments in each basic shape. Insert the basic shape of the subsequent layer such that each compartment fits into a separate basic shape in the previous layer.

After you have completed piling around 9 layers of these shapes (again, no hard and fast rule) , you have something like this:

Choose 2 adjacent parts for the head and tail of the bird and start piling on more layers in these 2 parts. For the one I did, the tail is around 4 shapes wide.


Fashion a head separately from at least 6 basic shapes

Now we return to the main body. I piled on more basic shapes at the side for the head. BUT do you see something different? I’m piling the basic shapes directly on top of the one below now.

Which will be joined together with one basic shapeFinally insert the head, and you’re done! 😀

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  1. Chilly C's Treasures

    That is beautiful…….

  2. but how to do the basic shape?


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