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Although I believe that beauty/art has inherent worth, I also like it when works of art have a further meaning.  Today, I’ve been inspired by two works of art 😀

The first is a wedding card my friend Jon made. I had thought that the card (on the right) is a picture of the moon and a mountain, but it is actually the Tai Chi symbol, which is very fitting for a wedding card!

Jon describes the meaning of this card in his blog:

I decided to draw the t’ai chi symbol because I think it is fitting a symbol as an ideal on what a relationship should be.

The two halves are very distinct from each other. Usually, when we look at opposites from a Western point of view (let me emphasize the word, usually), we tend to look at them as two separate entities. But for the Chinese, opposites are never viewed as two separate entities. They are distinct, yes. But despite it, they are both one. And that’s what couples should remember – we’re both very different, and though we share some similarities with each other (hence the little seeds of the opposite colour within each half), we are still one.

Distinct, yet one. That’s very much what marraige is.

Read more at his blog, and check out his other insightful posts on the way as well.

Another picture which I was also inspired by today is “The Old Testament Trinity” by Andrei Rublev because it is a picture which invites me to participate–the viewer is invited to enter into the intimacy with the figures in the picture through a rectangular opening that the figure on the right points to.

Andrei Rublev. The Old Testament Trinity.

This is the story behind this picture, as told by Henri Nouwen:

 Long ago in Russia, there were many attacks made on a small town, and in a monastery the monks got very nervous and could no longer concentrate on their prayers because of all the violent conflicts throughout the world. The abbot called his icon painter, Rublev, to paint an icon to help the monks remain and prayerful in the midst of restlessness, trouble and anxiety…

Rublev painted an icon based on the visit of the three angels to Abraham in Genesis, seated around a table of hospitality. In the icon, the figure in the centre points with two fingers towards the chalice and inclines towards the figure on the left, who offers a blessing. A third figure on the right points to arectangular opening on the front of the table through which the viewer is invited to enter and participate in the spiritual actions.

…When the monks allowed themselves to be part of the community formed by the three figures and let themselves be drawn into that circle of safety and love, they were able to pray and not lose heart…As we place ourselves in front of this icon in prayer, we come to experience a gentle invitation to participate in the intimate conversation that is taking place among the three divine angels and to join them around the table.

I would love to have this picture framed up on my wall so that I can enter into the house of love whenever needed through the little rectangular opening 😀


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  1. Jonathan Sim

    You could order a large poster of that painting online. Alternatively, i think Carlo, the bookshop next to SPP sells an A4 size image of it.

    • Oh wow, thanks for the references Jon 😀 You’re the resident expert.

      • Jonathan Sim

        Haha… No lah. It just so happened that I saw it over there before.

        Anyway, I once heard a really awesome video commentary on the Rublev painting. If you can, see if you can find the video about it. The guy who did it is a philosopher by the name of Steve Kellmeyer.

  2. Hey your blog is awesome! haha. how’s the move to self-hosting going? let me know if you need a hosting site. the one i’m using has a discount so now i’m only paying like $3.50/mth for unlimited storage. pretty good deal. hahaha

    • Wow, yea sounds like a pretty good deal. I’m still wondering which self-hosting to get. Some charge monthly fees and others charge yearly fees. I’m actually thinking of going for the yearly fee one at godaddy. What’s your host?

      • hey. sorry i didn’t subscribe to comments so didnt know you replied. i’m using fatcow which charges yearly at abt $3.80/mth. I have friends using godaddy and bluehost. Official price of godaddy is cheaper than the rest, but fatcow has some weird bargain deal that pops up when you choose subscribe and then backs out of the subscription page. Online reviews seem to favor fatcow and bluehost over godaddy. Fatcow support is really good though, they have very responsive 24hr live chat and they’ve helped me many times

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