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Working towards a lovely workspace step 1: Get (inspired to get) organised

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I want a lovely workspace, because I think a lovely workspace will help me feel good, increase my productivity and be inspired!

However, I’m pretty untalented when it comes to tidying up my space, which is the first dreary step to take before I can decorate it. I’ve spent 2 days tidying up and it’s still far from perfect.

So, although I would MUCH RATHER browse websites which show how people decorate their space, I’ve been looking at organising solutions instead. This is far from boring though. People have found ways to get creative! Below are a few of my favourite ideas, some only practical, some both practical and creative:

People who bake, you’re in luck. Repurpose your baking tools if you aren’t too attached to them 😉 The following ideas are from

Cupcake carrier as knicknack organiser (alternative: icecube tray)

Cupcake carrier as knickknack organizer

Baking tray as magnetic board

People who don’t bake (me too!), don’t be too sad.

An adjustable desk organizer lets you sort mail by category (bills to pay, bills to file) (source:

Slott Upright desk organizer

Chalkboard Wall Calendar (source: Simple Shapes at Etsy)

Chalkboard Wall Calendar with Memo - Vinyl Wall Decal

Cord organiser (via

Another cord organiser (source:, via Sarah M at Pinterest)


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