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Grandma’s birds (part 1)

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I like to think that whatever creativity I have in me can be attributed to the grandparents. My grandpa fashions little tools for making Peranakan desserts out of wood. And my grandma has been making beautiful bird paper sculptures lately from used paper one may otherwise throw away. I’m loving the colours of this particular bird. 

If you would like to make good use of all that paper around your house, you could try making one yourself.  Here’s how to make the basic building shape:

1) Take a square piece of paper and cut it into half.

2) Fold into a quarter. The purpose of this is to create crease lines.

3) Unfold the quarter. The shape you see is the one you start with.

4) Fold the 2 ends towards you aligning them with the half crease line.

5) Turn over. Fold up the 2 ends so you have a square shape.

6) Fold up the bottom triangle half.

7) Fold your triangle into half again.

8) You should see 2 triangular compartments.

9) These will be used to for the insertion of another similar basic shape.

What my grandma did was to glue 8 of these basic shapes on an oval cardboard paper (cut from 7cm x 9cm cardstock) and add around 9 layers to form the body of the bird. She added more building shapes at 2 sides for the neck and the tail. I don’t think there is a strict rule, the shape of every bird can be different. The end product serves pretty well as a pencil holder for me and a beads container for her.

There’ll be another post next week with pictures which show how to make this 😀 For now, you can start folding as many of these basic building shapes if you are keen.

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