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Introducing Smiley

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Before you read this, take a pencil and draw a happy face. There is a purpose to this. Come on 😉 If nothing else, it’ll make you a wee bit happier.





If you’re game, ask the person beside you to draw a smiley too.



Done? What does your smiley look like? This is mine, and I’m going to bet that the smiley you drew is different from mine, and different from the person beside you.

I’ve tried it with friends before. Though smileys are simple to draw, I can’t quite copy my friends’ versions of smileys, and they have a hard time drawing the smiley the way I draw it. The way we dot the eyes. The character of the strokes. We’re all unique. And we don’t have to try hard to be unique. We just are.

I’ve just introduced the Whimsybeams logo, but logo is such a horrendous word. It’s a smiley, it’s happy, it shouldn’t be called a logo, which if I didn’t know English, I would think is a serious word. Just look at your face when you say ‘logo’. Then look at your face when you say ‘Smiley’. Do you see yourself smiling? Slightly? 😀

Things I love about Smiley:

1) She is effortlessly good-looking– this ties in with my belief that simple is beautiful 🙂

2) She is unique

3) Looking at her makes me happy. Looking at her makes my friends happier. Does she make you happier?

4) She has been with me for years, since I was 17. She has dutifully sat beside my name unless it was a worksheet that my school teacher would be seeing. Something like this:


I’m sure there’s more.





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  2. Cute post. Haha. You’re right – it’s impossible to imitate your smiley.


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