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Music+ Crafternoon

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Music+ Crafternoon

Aud and Vera came over to my house today. After playing some songs on the ukelele (which is so cute and makes ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ sound even more dream-like) and the guitar, playing around with the carpo, learning a new strumming pattern (down down up up up down up down up), I taught them how to make earrings!

I think I need to improve my teaching skills. Things that come naturally to me a beginner may find important to be articulated clearly. Notice the 3 teardrop shapes at the bottom of each earring? I learnt that I should point out that one should hold the sharper end and squeeze it while being very gentle with the other end, lest the whole shape be squeeshed together. And there is a method for getting tight coils for the round shapes. And for how the glue should be applied.

We spent a whole hour I think. Very labour intensive work, and requiring very nimble fingers because the shapes were pretty tiny…the picture is deceiving, the actual earrings is maybe 70% the size of the pink one.  Halfway, Aud commented that kids could do this to improve their fine motor skills.

When it was finally done, guess who were our models?

Vera says, she’s grinning from ear to ear 😉 Sounds like a great name for a earring collection.

Overall, a really fruitful day, with loads of lameness thrown into the whole mix 😀


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  1. I really need to quill some earrings like that. I always worry that I will immediately ruin them by accidentally smashing them or getting them wet.

    • 😀 Hi Michelle! Yea I know that fear. I bought myself some protective spray (Krylon) so that the earrings will be moisture-resistant and not fade in the sun. Also, I have something to hang my earrings on. Hope that helps 🙂


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