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There is something therapeutic to visiting art/design blogs. For one, they are just so very pretty it’s a visual feast whenever I visit them 🙂

Here’re some of my staples:

When I’m craving colours, I go to Creature Comforts or Bright Bazaar.


When I am itching for a tutorial, I go to this pinterest board curated by Sarah M (note: you can find me at pinterest too!), DesignSponge or Papernstitch.

How about you? Do you have any staples? And how do you access them?  I access them all from my Google Reader because it provides the whole of the blog post (unless the blog author specified s/he wanted the content to be cut short). It’s also really easy when the reader is just a button away from my GMAIL account!



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  1. There are a bunch of knitting blogs that are staples for me, too: A Friend to Knit With, Grumperina, and a few others. They always get me itching to knit! =)

  2. Nice! I will want to check them out when I have some time.


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