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Inspiration Monday: Eco-friendly Paper Play

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Using recycled cardboard, Paperpod creates big toys for children. The best thing I think, is that you can paint the cardboard or leave it plain.

The Paperpod

Craig Kirk

The humble matchbox wields almost endless possibilities under the hands of this guy. Here’s one of my favourites, a bird box. I like that the matchstick is used as a perch for the bird.



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  1. What a fantastic idea! I want one of those little houses. I’ll have to look through my recycle bin and see what I have in there to work with to make one of my own, even if it’s just a decoration on the wall of the apartment. =)

    • Hi Jen! Yea, I would want them too! If only I could fit inside 😀 Well, looks like i’ll need lots and lots of cardboard. How would it work as a decoration on your wall? Post it up if you do get down to it so I can see!

  2. that cardboard house looks like so much fun!

    • haha yea! too bad they don’t have it adult size 😦 if not, I would seriously contemplate buying. i had a little mermaid house when i was young and i loved setting it up


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