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Confetti Envelopes

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For Joyce’s birthday card, I made a confetti envelope. Why? Birthdays are celebrations, and confetti adds celebratory notes to celebrations. Imagine confetti falling gracefully all around you as you behold the envelope, which will of course have some confetti on it.

Here’re a few pictures I took to share with you the process of creating this:

I used white glue to create little blobs, which I then placed little square pieces I cut from cardstock over. Funnily, I enjoyed putting the square pieces on the blobs. It reminds me so much of biology lab class back when I was in school, where we dropped clear square pieces at an angle onto the blob swimming with cells and then placed it under the microscope to be studied.

Then I cut a rectangular piece of kraft paper and proceeded to carve out her name. I didn’t intend it to be so, but I think it looks like a biscuit.

Stick it in…

And I’m done 😀


Eco-friendly tip:

Save your scraps of left over colored paper. You never know when they can come in as useful for creating some confetti 🙂



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  1. hey im surprised to see my card here! and im amazed that you actually took pictures of your works-in-progress as you did it! i showed your blog to my sister, who is into craft as well. 😀 she can pick up some tips and ideas from you!

    • Yea, I take photos of my work as I go along, but don’t post everything up. Would love to get to know a fellow craftholic. Maybe she can share her crafts too 😉


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