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Inspiration Monday: A child’s world

Decorating ideas for childrens bedrooms

I woke up this morning to the chanting of children in Chinese (there is a childcare centre nearby). It went something like “I love my mummy. I love my daddy. My mummy loves me. My daddy loves me. I have a home. It is made up of mummy, daddy, an elder brother and me. My mummy and daddy goes to work, my elder brother goes to school.”

Yea, something like that. It was a very nice alarm clock, reminding me of my own blissful days as a child where I stayed at home to play while everyone else went to school/work.

On this Monday, I’m inspired to be like a child again. To sit on the floor. To climb on furniture. To have soft toy friends.

The picture above is one out of many from Home Life (via Cate Holst). Just look at the cloud bookcases! Perfect for reading a story on a rug. And the little bunnies on the chair, to accompany you while you’re reading, or sleeping or knitting. And the mobile, perfect for staring in wonder at.

Do visit Home Life for more this inspiring Monday 🙂 They’ve got all sorts of tutorials and clever ideas, like this curtain:

Make a curtain with pockets & flowers - DIY weekend projects  accompanying image

And this leaf chair, which looks alot like what Tom Thumb or Thumbalina would sit in:

Sun-savvy outdoor furniture


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