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How this started

When I started blogging on the 9th of January, I didn’t even really know what this blog was going to be about. I only knew that it was going to be about crafts. I have loved crafting and design since my fine motor skills were advanced enough at 3 or 4 (or 5?) to make little paper chairs. I stuck 4 legs to a paper folded in half, and folded each leg slightly so it could stand. I loved that they could stand, and made a few of them. I didn’t make the connection then, but it’s interesting that my first post here was ‘Whisked away on a Wishing Chair’.

One of my treasured childhood memories is my drawing of a fish when I was in Nursery (4 years old). We were all in class doing some 4-year-old suited activity, when my teacher (Ms. Su) asked the class to gather around her table. Obedient, but also intrigued (and a BIG fan of Ms. Su because she always comforted me when I cried), I went over to see what she wanted to show us. On her table, I saw my picture of a fish. Ms. Su was praising it, because I had drawn a ribbon on my fish and some eye-lashes. Even though in reality, fish don’t have eye-lashes and ribbons on their scaly head, she had so kindly overlooked that and praised me for being creative. My 4-year-old classmates, being all but 4, also looked on admiringly.

My teacher’s encouragement had an impact on me. She helped me to discover that there was another side to myself. Previously, I was the sleepy girl. I was the girl who cried and refused to go to school. Now, I was the girl who could draw nice fishes.

Later, going to (real) school in Singapore meant chasing pragmatic dreams. Art in school was overlooked, and people only cared about performing well in the academic subjects. But of course, I want something different, and I had dreams. All children do, and some adults still do. Many want to be superman, or to live among fairies. Having moved on from wanting to be a mermaid and a farmer, my dream is to be a crafter. I want to wake up in the morning and enjoy the morning rather than rush off to work. I want to take walks and be inspired, and make something out of my inspiration. I want to bring the fancy worlds in my head to life in my art. There is a world where your wishing chair bookmark could whisk you off to a new world, where couples go up in heart-shaped hot air balloons, where birds deliver letters to your mailbox and babies descend upon earth in a bundle from heaven.

So this blog also came about because I wanted to write a blog on my crafts and relate the stories behind them. Like you love and treat your toys like real people with stories when you were younger, I wanted a personality and recognition for my crafts too. People need forums, and elect people to represent their interests. My crafts need such a platform too.



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  1. Just wanted to let you know that I’ve awarded you the I Love This Blog award. You can see it here. I realize that many bloggers don’t accept or show their awards and that’s fine; just wanted to let you know you had been awarded


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