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a banner tutorial from Cathe

Hey folks, sorry for the 4-day absence! I’ve been trying to catch up with some work and had to put this aside for a while. But in the midst of my work, I’ve been dreaming of die-cut machines and banners and metal stamping tools 😀

Back to the subject of this post now…what image does your mind conjure when you see the word ‘banner’?

Personally, I’m not much into the one-piece banner. When I say I’m dreaming of banners, I’m referring to the one with many pieces of cloth/paper hanging on a string, with photos or letters on them. It’s big, and it’s tedious to make each one (I’m afraid my threshold for tedious is pretty low). The image I see? A colourful banner across the green field, flapping in the wind.

Here is the one inspiring banner Ez of Creature Comforts has in her home.

But banners need not be big, or be hung with strings.

Ez has a projects/freebies page (which you really should check out), and she linked to this really cool tutorial which defies my imagination.

It’s a banner stamp! Now why didn’t I think of that?

Cathe from ‘Just something I made’ used a seam roller and some thick rubber band to create this banner rubber stamp. Do check out the tutorial at Cathe’s blog (via Ez). It seems pretty simple to make. If you have the tools, I believe it’ll take 10 minutes.

I believe I’ll be dreaming of seam rollers these days.

Thanks for expanding the banner possibilities, Cathe! 😀 (And Ez for linking Cathe!)


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  1. How clever! What a great idea! Thanks for the link. I’ll be checking it out. =)

  2. 🙂 Hey Jen, I’m glad you like it too! I actually tried this out today. But since I didn’t have a seam roller, I cut out a piece of triangular shaped rubber and stamped it in a row. The advantage is that I get to use many different colours for the same banner, though it takes longer.


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