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Die cut machines

I’ve been looking around for die-cut machines but they are crazy expensive ($300-$500). But that’s what people pay for their iphones right. It’s worth the price I think. They can cut almost any image I want on a variety of materials. I can make banners 🙂 And maybe wall decals.

The newest kid on the blog, with the post features, are the Gazelle and Pazzles. The Cricut Expression seems to be a favourite too.

If you’re interested to get a die cut machine, you should go to this website to make a comparison between the different ones available.

If you already have a die-cut machine, I’ll be interested to hear from you 😀




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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog so I could find yours! My husband uses a Cricut for cedar sachets that he makes and it works really well. He uses it to cut through felt, so I’m pretty sure it would handle paper like nothing. And there are literally a million dies for it that seem to always be on sale. So no complaints about the Cricut!

  2. Hey Erin! Thanks for the useful information 🙂 Everybody seems to be loving their cricut mightily so I’m quite tempted to get that.I think it even won an award. Still, the less popular, Pazzles and the Gazelle have also been getting good reviews.


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