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Bloggers’ Round-up

Danni from Oh, hello friend just got her wedding pictures today! She and husband Nick had their wedding at a park they had their first date on, and for lunch, everyone ate from picnic baskets. That has got to be my favorite part. Do visit her blog for more lovely pictures.



Jessica who blogs at How About Orange has started growing some mushrooms on her desk thanks to this wonderful origami site which I’m really excited about. Now, don’t you want your own garden? I know I would like to live in a farm someday.

You know I love birds right? Well, Sharyn (who does lovely papercuts) took a rather close shot of some flying birds recently. Knowing how hard it is to capture shots of flying birds, I think this simple and pretty picture needs some showing off 😀

Gennine and her son Daniel found this bare branch and used it as a decorative piece for their home. That’s so cool. I will be looking around for bare branches when I take a walk next time.




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  1. Dang. People are so neat. =) I love all the blog stuff you posted and have been inspired by what these people are up to.

    • Thanks Jen for all your helpful and encouraging comments 🙂 Yea they’re so cool eh, I enjoy checking out their blogs. Their house and desk and probably every belonging they own is so pretty. Anyway, I imagine I can smell your cookies from where I am. They look that good 😀


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