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Baby bundle from heaven

This is my first baby card. I was inspired by the song I sang as a child, Rockabye-baby, and the idea that babies come from storks carrying bundles. So I had the little baby come down on a cloud, with the words ‘Heaven sent’ and complete with a postage stamp from God’s collection. God is Love, and from that we can infer that his postage stamp collection should have lots of hearts.

And babies are really from heaven, from the way they gurgle to their wide-eyed wonder to their peaceful sleeping…you can just tell. Which means we’re from heaven too, hi there fellow heavenly being 🙂

The inside of the card is made from recycled Kraft paper.

Want to know a fun (I hope) fact?

The textured paper used to make basket and cloud you see on the front of the card is made from Elephant Poo paper which I bought from Vancouver. This video features the company and the process of making paper from Elephant Poo. I daresay, enjoy.


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  1. Very beautiful and joyful, Rene. It’s your best yet! Maybe you can make pro-life stuff in the future!

  2. Thanks Dom, you’re always so encouraging, and also thanks for all the ideas of how to make the stuff I do more meaningful 😀


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