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A walk down memory lane with Aud

During the time I was in Junior College, there were changes 3 months into school, just when we had begun to finally settle more comfortably in. With friends leaving and classes being shuffled, I took comfort in having a constant and understanding friend in Aud. She was my mousy and squeaky friend who was afraid of ants, my friend to perform whistle duets along the corridors, and someone who shared her faith with me.

When Aud heard that I was setting up an art blog, she offered to bring all the cards I had made her over the 6 years of our friendship, allowing me the chance to present you this post 🙂

If you notice, there are a lot of pinks. She is one BIG lover of pink. There are also many smiley faces. Drawing smileys was my pastime in JC.

I really like the cards. Though simple, they bring back good memories.




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  1. Those are cute! Aren’t good friends amazing? I was showing my best friend the other day how her present had gotten to me with an envelope that wasn’t fully addressed. Ha ha.

  2. Thank u Rene! I love all the cards! precious memories!! Am keeping them for life =)


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