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Blue Dew quilled earrings

I’m a big fan of…

(Photo courtesy of Dominic Cooray)

Mrs. Dewdrop.

I love how she twinkles and shines, how she reflects light to make it seem as if there’s a little new world inside her, where little water molecules live and move and…breathe 🙂

I didn’t plan for it. But when I quilled my earrings, it looked alot like dewdrops to me.

Or perhaps when one likes something enough, she looks for it in everything she sees 🙂



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  1. Oh my goodness, those earrings are phenomenal. I love what I’ve seen so far on your blog. I’ll definitely add it to my list! Thank you so much for stopping at my blog. I’d love to teach some quilling classes or something. Wouldn’t that be fun?


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