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Whisked away on a wishing-chair

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My younger days were spent reading Enid Blyton books, among books by Roald Dahl and fairytale classics. In one of her books, The Adventures of the Wishing-chair, Mollie and Peter enter into a shop to buy a vase for their mother. The shopkeeper is not very friendly, and ignores them. The other person in the shop (whom they suspect may be a wizard) demands to know why they’re in the shop! Afraid, Mollie and Peter huddle up in a chair, wishing they could go home. The chair, of course, turns out to be a wishing-chair and does exactly as they wish!

Mollie and Peter later go on to meet pixies and wizards in all sorts of adventures. Likewise for me, reading books is very much like going on adventures into places one hasn’t gone before. And what else could be a better companion than a wishing-chair?  🙂

To make my wishing-chair bookmark, I pasted storybook paper (scanned of course) on some cardstock and cut it out using an art knife. I added a red tassel because the wishing chair sometimes grew red wings. Voila! Now I just have to find time to read 😀


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